We can not understand fashion nowadays without the online democratization that e-commerce and social media is bringing to all. This podcast is a gold mine if you are starting an e-commerce, especially if you are in the MENA region. No matter if you are in the fashion sector or in fitness, consultancy, or construction. You need a website and if possible an eshop. There is a lot of questions when it comes to payment gateways to be able to take payments online. So, we got Sirish Kumar, CEO from Telr to answer all of them. Telr is one of the sponsors of the podcast and is offering to all the readers and listeners a very special promo code. Keep on reading and listening to the interview to get all the details.
I met Sirish at some event at In5 where we are incubated. We started talking and I saw in him a visionary. The kind of people that has a very defined vision, lots and lots of patience, knowledge and rare-to-find leadership skills.
He started Telr after being CFO of Paypal, because there was a gap in the market that needed to be addressed. It was not easy but his laser focus on his clients and his wish to serve them the better he can, it is making a difference. Today Telr is one of the preferred online payment gateways. We use it for Goshopia.com and we can only complement the service we have received so far. Today Sirish shares with us some of his knowledge on e-commerce, and entrepreneurship.
Sirish advises checking these three main things when looking for the payment gateway. First, we should ask ourselves if we would want to use social media as an additional sales channel. Right now, social selling is getting bigger and bigger and it is possible to have a link that connects directly to the Telr checkout. This means expanding your reach to new levels.
Second, is security. You shouldn’t underestimate the impact of fraud in any given business. It can damage not only your numbers but also your reputation. Online shopping is very much linked to trust. If your page is not trustworthy, you are doomed. Telr is offering one feature called 3D Secure. It basically requests a confirmation number sent as a message to the phone linked to the bank account. Without that confirmation, the transaction will not go through.
The third key is innovation and keeping up to date. Plugins get updated and if linked to a payment gateway, it might give errors. Telr makes sure the integrations are seamless and updates constantly with the changes in partner plugins. Also, there are so many innovations when it comes to how to serve better your clients, that you need to have an eye for all that. Like the QR codes that allow for remote payments instead of cash on delivery.
The offer that Telr has for the readers and listeners, for the friends and family is fantastic. It is zero setup fees, zero monthly fees and only 2.5% per transaction. This rate applies to whatever transaction volume.
If there are no transactions within the first three months, then a monthly fee of AED99 will be applied from month 4th onwards, for each month without transactions.
This means huge savings for startups. So go ahead and use it, share it with your friends or friends of your friends. To avail it, it is very simple. You just have to go to their contact page here and send a message stating that you have the promo code FASHION. If you have any question related to the offer conditions or to related to any other thing that we can help you with ( we are good at Marketing, SEO, Social media, Content creation, Podcasting and Setting up a business in Dubai) please feel free to reach out. We are happy to help in whatever way we can. Our email is hello@dubaifashionnews.com.
And now sit,

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