Marjan Mamooie professionally specializes in luxury brands, she has been a representative with Mercedes Benz since 1998. She also has a company that distributes medical devices to Plastic Surgeons. As a cancer survivor she believes in giving back. She has sat as one of the Chancellors of the City ofContinue Reading

Dr. Duaa Dergham is a Cosmetic and General Dentist born, raised and educated in Jordan. Her passion for dentistry came along with her artistic talents and the art of creating beautiful smiles. In true artistic spirits, Dr. Dergham is a perfectionist in her work, it is those high standards thatContinue Reading

This video is sponsored by @Sage Appliances. Today I’ll be sharing two of my favourite rice recipes. We Indians are known for our rice. So one is definitely my favourite Indian rice recipe and one is my version of Japanese Rice. Today I’ll be making Khichadi and Japanese Mushroom RiceContinue Reading

‘Don’t wear that color.’ ‘It’s your fault now handle it’ ‘live, love and laugh. Anxiety is all in your head’ ‘People have got it worse’ Ughhhhh. These sentences might leave us feeling hurt, infuriated or simply baffled at the audacity. And you have the right to feel and think so.Continue Reading

Summer is here and so is the monstrous TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss). As the days pass by in summers, people start complaining about very dry, dehydrated, and dull skin. They point out a not-so-strange phenomenon of having their skin oily yet very dehydrated. It is like everyone is worried aboutContinue Reading