We met Silvia Lago at the past Arab Fashion Week. Her exquisite shoes speak loud about femininity and confidence, but also about fun and cuteness.
What was a surprise was everything else behind those pretty shoes. The comfort, the amount of time and care put into every little detail to make them shoes you want to wear all the time.

Silvia wants all women to feel beautiful and empowered while wearing heels, and if your feet are hurting it is not something easy to achieve. That is why she took the mission of making heels comfortable for all of us. And we thank her for that!
In today´s podcast, Silvia Lago will tell us about her journey and why innovation is so important for her and her brand.
“Innovation is part of the DNA of my brand”
Not every designer decides to invest in innovation. Shoes are particularly complex and that adds costs and time to the equation. But innovation is a necessity of our fast-paced times, a way to differentiate yourself. For Silvia, it is a bit more than that… She just wants us pampered.
Silvia Lago studied Business Management and soon she realized that there was an unattended niche: for luxury and comfortable shoes. The dichotomy was either to wear ugly (or not so pretty, let’s be diplomatic) shoes and have comfort, or have beautiful shoes that you just want to get rid of because they are killing your feet.
She studied shoemaking and got on board scientists and engineers to help her shape what today is called the LagosFit.
In the podcast, she explains all the details of the LagosFit. But what I can tell you is that if you try one of her shoes, you will instantly understand. It feels like the shoe is hugging your feet.
There are cushions to protect the ball of the feet. Also, the heels are shock-absorbent, so your knees are not suffering. The inner lining has soft leather that has an antibacterial treatment. The shoe is well-balanced, meaning that the weight is distributed evenly.
Easier to say that to do. It took 3 years of research and many trials, errors, and adjustments. The good thing is that Silvia Lago was the first one to try and test and she is not easy to please. Her determination and passion are what drives her high level of demand.
Silvia is now back in Dubai to do the launch of her latest collection. We couldn’t miss it and there we went to the Five Palm Hotel. A gorgeous hotel with amazing views and a breathtaking architecture.
“Divas” is the name of the new collection. The inspiration behind it is the timeless elegance of the divas in the 40´s and 50´s. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly… they became fashion icons and their style is always in vogue no matter the years.
These shoes are so elegant and so beautiful, that I am pretty sure the divas would have loved them. They come in vibrant colors: yellow, baby blue, shades of pink, fuchsia, green, and of course, red, off-white, and black.
Her shoes use Italian leather and Swarovski crystals. She chose to produce them in the Alicante area- in Spain- where traditional shoemaking passed from generation to generation for centuries. The best shoes and bags are done there and in the Ubrique area (in Andalucia).
Magic happens in the hands of these artisans and many Dubai Mall luxury brands know it and also produce there. The final result is a shoe that will take you to places… Beautifully and comfortably.
If you want to get in touch with her. Check her website, her Instagram, her Facebook page or send her an email.

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